Writing Prompts

These link to prompts and exercises I have used in writing groups or on my own.

Object Writing 

1. About 'object writing'

2. Four early object writes

Some more writing prompts:

3. Lid

6. Prefix
9. Fan

12. Smoke
4. Council
7. Novice

10. Band

5. Danger

11. Tube

Character Creation and Development

1. Creating Convincing Characters

Picture Prompts

1. Old Sofa

2. Spring Chicks Reunion

3. Boy

4. Same but Different

Strange but True Reports

1. Principal Tried ‘Magic' To Cure School

2. Worker Dead at Desk for Five Days

Quick Writes

1. Ten minute writing prompt 1

2. Object Writing

Miscellaneous Prompts

1. Reworking Fairy Tales

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