Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Small Stone - Jan 17th

The conversation was important so I wrote it down, taking copious notes in one of my green, hard backed journals. For days now I have spent frustrated hours on fruitless searches - over shelves, through drawers and rummaging in my mind – until I even doubt the green book. Maybe they were on loose leaves of lined paper?  Fretting fills up neural pathways, overtakes my silent time, and now I cannot hold all the words in my head. They are falling away like grains of sand. The one I want begins with ‘dis’. I’m sure it does, but then I was sure about the green book.


  1. LOL Don't give up! I just found an email from my dad I have been looking for since he died, over a year ago. It was printed out, in a black 3-ring binder, but I'd been looking through loose papers. I never thought it was in a binder! I'd begun to think it was only a vapor in the thin air I was searching through! ;D Anyway, hope you find yours!

  2. The trouble is, ever since I read 'The Borrowers' as child (Oh, OK then, as an adult too), I've been convinced that they exist. :)